lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Punta de Choros

The best vacations of my life where the last, in Punta de Choros. Two weeks were filled with great experiencies in the north of Chile. Punta de Choros is a coastal village and is located between La Serena and La Higuera, and to come you have to travel for two hours through a dirt road, rocks and cactus.

The streets are sand and there are few trees. I was there for two weeks camping. The first week with my parents and my sister, and the second week with my boyfriend and a couple of friends.

What more I did during the vacations was walk. To walk along the beach listening to the sea and the birds, feeling the wind on my face, looking at the starry sky at night around a campfire, drinking wine with friends, talking about life.

I remember we ate too much fishs and seafoods! Every day in the Caleta “Los Corrales”. Also did a tour to the islands Choros, Damas y Gaviota in a motor boat, during the tour we saw dolphins, Humboldt penguins, sea elephants, sea lions and more, because the Choros Island is a protected marine reserve, in fact you can not be in it, just looking at and do research on it is not prohibited.

Punta de Choros is a wonderful place, full of friendly people It is a town with a quiet lifestyle, like the hippies!
I would love to return someday, return to enjoy and relax, I like when old woman living there, near the sea.

Love to All! =)

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

My Free Post!!!!! Yeah!!!! ;)

Weeks of TERROR!!! o>.
For all university students there are weeks of terror, occur when not expect and are here to stay. Are tons of contents tried to enter your brain in a few minutes, producing a collision of neurons that leave you very tired and wanting to sleep all day!!

Is difficult survive those, ice water, more coffee become your best friends!

The world ceases to exist, only you and the notebooks in a dance for hours and hours, not let you sleep, making you look like a ZOMBIEEEE!!!! Very very pale , like a glacier!!!!

Student life is very heavy, all books to be read, all test to write ¡Exhausting! 5 days seems to last forever!

Friday is good, social life is also important in our lives! Conversation and beer are the perfect complement, and sometimes, more! xD ( Like wine, ron , a lot of things) Is a nice day to share whit friends and to enjoy our freedom, laughging and relaxing. Friday should not never end.

The weekend is great when i’m traveling, it does not matter where but enjoy my freedom only two days is essential…essential to start again forgetting the past week.

The cycle will continue until the semester ends, and go on vacation.
The university has so many things , good, bad, ugly…Well, that’s life . Soon we will have to work , so you better enjoy college life until the end, and if possible, follow.

Love to all!

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010


I would love to visit Holland, first that catches my attention which is under sea level and that as a child I wanted to walk through a field of red and yellow tulips.

Later, I also interested windmills, trees and houses with their colors and shapes.

I always imagine sitting in a pub near the river, drinking beer with some friends observing the architecture so different from my country. I would also love to bike along their paths and feel the wind and discover beautiful landscapes with cows, tulips and windmills.

My dream in the future, is to live in Amsterdam, because I like the beauty of the city and its quality of life.

The mentality in this country is very open, accepting sexual differences and even the use of soft drugs, but only in established local. In short personal freedoms are respected and live in peace.

I think it is an interesting country to visit for everything you've written and more like museums, (Amsterdam is a city with more museums per square meter of world)bridges and canals, markets, parks and moreeee!!!!

Its cultural diversity is very interesting, has nightlife, theater, music and concerts much more developed than in our country; I think that's the main reason I want to visit and live there!!!