jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

My English Learning Experience

Hello Everybody! Today i´m going to talk about my english learning experience in this year, whit the theacher, Simón.

The experience that more I enjoyed was to write in the blog and to see the movie "This is England" in class =).Both of them were very nice and productive, because to write every Thursday about different topics, it served to help me to learn to write better. And I loved the movie!!!!! Just for his content jejeje =)

Excuse me, but I did not find anything interesting, because all the methods of learning, it knew them from the school =( Topic Speechs, listenings, writings, etc.

The most boring thing they were the schedules...On WEDNESDAY,of 12:00 to 1:30 the only class!!!in all day!!! and every Thursday of 10:15 to 11:45. Very Bad >.<

The most dificult, I think that I will be the last one great test! The next week...the truth is that I am very scared =( We have many things for the next week that I think that we will not able with everything.

Finally, I say good bye with a suggestion: To change a bit the contents and the mhetods of the class, this way to be kept more attentive and entertaining.


jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

My favorite blog

Hello every body one more time! Today the teacher, Simon ;), has indicated us, that we must write on our favorite blog, choosing between partners.

But, thinking and thinking, I could not have decided on any =(
Why? because I like no blog completely, but if there are many post that I have liked very much.

For example, I like much the posts written for Camila, especially which those have to see with her trips, or activities outdoors that she would like to do, when I read them, I would like to be able to do all.

Other one of the blog, that I enjoy reading, is the blog of David =) because in his blog, always I will find a interesting and complete history or anecdote. (For example, the post called "Back to Valdivia" with his 3 parts, it had me a lot of time interested xD).

Finally, also I like "the Blog of the Misa", because in adition to homework´s of English, I can find a lot of information about his band "Thunder Lord", as music videos, or images with the logo of the band, what it converts to the blog in to something more than a work.

Personally, I do not want to improve any blog, because the blog is a personal instance to express our opinion in a free way, and the visitors, also they are free to choose to read it.

I will finish this post, being grateful for the teacher Simon =), for teaching this experience to us.

Love to all!

See you!

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

The hidden one

The hidden one is a game for childrens, of all the edges; and for the teenagers it evolved in the dark room. jejeje

To play the hidden one, you need a group of at least 3 persons, in order that it is funny. It is a popular game, which is played better in areas by potential places parks or a mansion to hide itself, as forests.

The hidden players can be captured only on having seen them and shout it loudly, also they can be touched forcing to the one that it catches, to running behind them to achieve it.

Sometimes when a player is discovered there can be a career from his hiding place up to where the account was given to hide, if there comes near there before that the player who looks for one can "save" (not to be the following one in searching) or " to save all the companions " (The game with the player who searches is restarted), in these cases the expressions are common " for my! " Or " for me and for all my partners!!

In addition, there are two forms to count: the last one to be caught or the first one in being caught.

I have many recollections of when I was a child, playing to hidden one with my friends, in a camping, in the Lake Caburgua, the night of a Halloween.

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

The Best Chilean

For me, the best Chilean of the last time was Pablo Neruda. He was a poet and communist Chilean militant. It was considered to be more influential of his century, being called by the novelist Gabriel García Márquez "The biggest poet of the twenty century in any lenguage".

As a political militant, he was an out- standing activist, being a senator of the republic, member of the central committee of the communist party and precandidate to the presidency of our country.

As a poet, stand out his recognitions, as the prize nobel of the literature in 1971 and one doctorate "honoris causa" for the university of Oxford, England.

His acts are important because in his poetical lenguage it unmasked many realities, a lot of truths that the people and the politicians seek to hide.

If he could have interwiewed it, he would have asked him What is the Love? Why the mens do not want to be brothers, what do they need? Why the leaves fall down in autumn, will it be that they do not support the toughtfull shady look of the citizens?

Another important thing brings over of Pablo Neruda, is that he was a great collector, of enormous quantity of things, as shells, bottles, mirrors; thousands of things that today are exhibited in his houses museum.
Some Neruda's questions:
Do the tears that are not wept
wait in small lakes?
Or they will be invisible rivers
that run towards the sadness?
With the virtues that I forgot
Can I do a new dress- coat to me?

Love to all

jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

A good job for me

Hello everybody! Today we talk about the job I like to have. Still I am not geographer, my ideal job for now would be to tourist business- woman, in some place of the south end of Chili, for example in Tortel, the XIth region of Aysén and of the General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo.

I think that really I would enjoy this work, because the tourist area is very interesting and there are diverse options to choose, for example in my case, I would choose develop adventure tourism and ecotourism. I would have some cabins of rustic style in an area full of trees and flowers that grow in the place. Ah! And also it would have a garden, of course.

It would organize treks or escalations, but not invasive, crossing the hills, or also to sail in a boat during the whole evening, observing the landscape.

Really it would be happy if this one was my work, it would live in the end of the world, enjoying the nature and showing it to the foreigners, teaching them to take care of it.
In adittion, it might use the knowledge that I have in geography to complement my services and make grown my business.

I know some friends, who area interested for the tourist area, but they have not developed it. I wait in a distant future, to have savings to carry out this dream.

To live removed from the pollution and the noise of the city is one of my desires of life when it is elderly.

jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010


The students of Chile today demonstrate in opposition to the offers of the government it brings over of the education. The secretary of education, Joaquín Lavín, wants to end with the fiscal contributions to the publics universities, eliminating the juridical personality of the state university.

Personally, I do not agree with the way of demonstrating, that is to say, with unemployements and manifestations, which do not help to find solutions or answers to this problem.

Since I do not agree with the manifestations, I do not take part of them, but I respect those who do it; always and when, the demonstrators respect the freedom and the opinion, of whom they do not agree with the unemployment.

I believe that the used method is not the correct one, the students we must be capable of helping to create solutions for our education, without stopping educating ourselves, because in my opinion, the students cannot demand qualit education, if they are not educated.

I hope that the estudents take conscience of that the demands are not only to demand them, also construct the solutions of the same ones.


jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010


The millenium trilogy is a series of three bestselling novels written by Stieg Larsson.

The novels in the series:
1. The girl with the dragon tattoo, in spanish "Los hombres que no amaban a las mujeres"
2. The girl who played with fire , in spanish "La chica que soñaba con una cerilla y un bidón de gasolina"
3. The girl who kicked the hornest'nest, in spanish "La reina en el palacio de las corrientes de aire"

The principal characters in the series are Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomksvit. Lisbeth is an intelligent, eccentric woman in her twenties, with a photographic memorie, whose social skills are rather poor.

Blomksvist is an intelligent investigative journalist, in the field of economic http://www.blogger.com/crime.

Their lives will cross, in a series of mysteries and crimes, with an allusion to violence against women.

I enjoyed these books, from the start to finish, about 2250 pages of pure suspense, intrigue and twisted love.

I think that reading is a great hobby, I enjoyed doing it anywhere, because my biggest problem is time, not where.

Reading takes you to imaginary worlds created by the author, but intepreted yourself.

Definitely, in this country, should be encouraged to read.

Love to all =)