lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

In my free time I like...

Hi all!!!!

Today, I will talk about what like to do in my free time, things like singing, reading, listening to music, drawing and many more.

My hobby is singing, i like because it mixes singing and listening music, things I really enjoy.

I do it whenever I can and at full volume, when I come home after university, on the bus, to whispers, in my house, in the van when I travel whit my family...even in competitions.

I started from small, because my parents liked sing with your friends after a conversation and a drink... and I learned the songs.

For this reason, the classic rock, the canto nuevo, and a lot more, are my favorites, and part of my repertoire.

I like to sing because it makes me happy, relaxes me and I can give feeling to the songs with my voice.

Always remember when I sang all the songs in concert of my favorite band, Muse. I knew them all! and enjoyed singing like never before.

For these reasons and for all that I enjoy, sing is what I like to do in my free time, also you can do many things as you do, how to order, travel, walk and more.



lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

Icelandic Volcano

Millions of passengers have been affected in Europe with this eruption.

The force of nature and your effects it´s incredible in a group of people so fragile as we.

The end is near say someones, but i think that is just geological activities, normal process, this is it.

My favorite Film

My favorite film is The Wall of Pink Floyd.

I saw for the first time when i was 15 years and i loved; drawings, effects and twisted plot, impress any spectator, and the soundtrack, the reason for the movie was well coordinated with the story.

Pink, the rock-star in the film, crushed by fame, drugs and difficult childhood, take you on a journey of memories, bad experiences with fame and loved (his girlfriend leaves him); are being converted by him, on the bricks of a wall that isolates, separated from the world, but that leads to self- destruct.

The film is a continuous impact on the senses and his structured from the album of the same name, "The Wall" and also by the experiences of Roger Waters turning Pink in an Anti- Hero.

Was filmed in 1982 by Metro Goldwyn- Meyer with director Allan Parker and Bob Geldof whit "Pink", and drawings were made by Gerard Scarfe be a key element of the film.

Some of the songs of the film are : In the Flesh , Comfortably Numb, Good Bye Blue Sky, Mother and The Trial.
I hope this review will motivate them to see this movie, and hopefully you like it and enjoy it as i did, i do and will continue.

Love, peace and rock & roll to all

PD: The fear builds walls ;)

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

We move the Earth!!!! o.O

We move the Earth.

February 27 earthquake woke me and my family.

The roar of the earth was very frightening, and my house, moved as if about to fall. That night no one slept, and all the neightbors got together in the square to slow down.

With a haevy heart, i thought of all my family, my uncles in Constitución, for example

I found it hard to go back to sleep, because my sister was very scared, thought the world was angry with us.

Fortunately we suffered no damage, my family is well.

Life is so fragile, and so normal geological activities. u.u

Pd: 8,8 Ritcher, considerer a mega earthquake!!!!

I think that the earthquake shook our society showing it ats its most vulnerable and under, but also showed the courage and hope to succeed.

Love to all! =)

lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

To escape from the stress

I have the luck to have a beach house. This is here where I escape from the city, its noise and smog.

The house is in a small town on the coast between Isla Negra and Las Cruces, and its know as El Tabo.

I like to go in winter, because there are so many people, residents only, all very relaxed and sociable. I always go with my family, sometimes with friends or grandparents.

I like the walk in the sand, to sunset; feel the wind and the smell of the sea, run with my dog in the waves. I also like eating shellfish empanadas and fish; playing flippers in the juegoteca and sleep a listening to a winter storm.

The bad thing is when we must return to Santiago, remade the bags, but the good memories and beautyfull landscapes remain.

Love to all, and we read!