jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

The Best Chilean

For me, the best Chilean of the last time was Pablo Neruda. He was a poet and communist Chilean militant. It was considered to be more influential of his century, being called by the novelist Gabriel García Márquez "The biggest poet of the twenty century in any lenguage".

As a political militant, he was an out- standing activist, being a senator of the republic, member of the central committee of the communist party and precandidate to the presidency of our country.

As a poet, stand out his recognitions, as the prize nobel of the literature in 1971 and one doctorate "honoris causa" for the university of Oxford, England.

His acts are important because in his poetical lenguage it unmasked many realities, a lot of truths that the people and the politicians seek to hide.

If he could have interwiewed it, he would have asked him What is the Love? Why the mens do not want to be brothers, what do they need? Why the leaves fall down in autumn, will it be that they do not support the toughtfull shady look of the citizens?

Another important thing brings over of Pablo Neruda, is that he was a great collector, of enormous quantity of things, as shells, bottles, mirrors; thousands of things that today are exhibited in his houses museum.
Some Neruda's questions:
Do the tears that are not wept
wait in small lakes?
Or they will be invisible rivers
that run towards the sadness?
With the virtues that I forgot
Can I do a new dress- coat to me?

Love to all

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  1. Pablo Neruda, his poems i don´t like, but is ok xD, is someone that always will be important for this country :)

  2. pablo Neruda as a poet is one of the best in the world. He has fabtastic poemsi really like his poems.
    But he was stalinist hahahaha