miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

The hidden one

The hidden one is a game for childrens, of all the edges; and for the teenagers it evolved in the dark room. jejeje

To play the hidden one, you need a group of at least 3 persons, in order that it is funny. It is a popular game, which is played better in areas by potential places parks or a mansion to hide itself, as forests.

The hidden players can be captured only on having seen them and shout it loudly, also they can be touched forcing to the one that it catches, to running behind them to achieve it.

Sometimes when a player is discovered there can be a career from his hiding place up to where the account was given to hide, if there comes near there before that the player who looks for one can "save" (not to be the following one in searching) or " to save all the companions " (The game with the player who searches is restarted), in these cases the expressions are common " for my! " Or " for me and for all my partners!!

In addition, there are two forms to count: the last one to be caught or the first one in being caught.

I have many recollections of when I was a child, playing to hidden one with my friends, in a camping, in the Lake Caburgua, the night of a Halloween.

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